Day 5

  • Mingling among the porn movies, checking each of them out, checking each fetish room, savoring the smells trapped behind the crimson velvet curtains, among the ropes, whips and leather good. Tracking down the oldest memory of existence, the reason I evolved through millions of years, living among thinking apes, and laughing asses.
  • The night is nigh, the end is here, aren’t we all crap artists. The Raven of Poe, is following me, it is the end, the end my friend. All trips are bad after Ken’s death, forever is gone. The world is one huge big hole, sucking on what remains from my humanity. I’m being hoovered, swept, dry-cleaned and hanged to dry between 2 and 4 pm, with a western breeze.
  • Plastic is expensive, gold is cheap, love is tradable, peace is death and being dead is like being alive. The Alpha is the Omega, but the Omega is not the Alpha.
  • This cancerous land is stretching beyond our perception, its crawling under us, down the roots of every bush, in every box; so think out of the box, the box that held you into this world; a cancerous box, infested with disease, rage, jealousy, envy and death.
  • Adonai, Father, creator, my mantra and mentor, help me from the forest of sin, I’ve been through the circles of hell, lead me into your kingdom, into you, and let’s be one, just me and you.
  • Attack me, bind me, seduce me, and let me march into those green lush eyes Jolene. Devour each and every drop of blood in my body, paint archaic symbols, dance naked around the bed, be the shaman, the witch and the mistress. Lay with me, in a fetal position, suck your thumb, play with your jet black hair and cry for me.

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