Where are we heading to? I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not a pessimist just reading the facts.

Every few days some problem erupts between 2 families or clans either in the North, South or any other area. No one gains anything from it, sometimes it  feels like some pissed guy would jump from his car and shoot you in the face.

Corruption is there, in every governmental department, employees are stealing  taxpayer’s money, and some are given “gifts” worth millions of dollars. No one is questioning the mechanism of governmental spending. The House of Representatives is filled with pigs, thieves and egocentric Jordanians.

Establishing new committees and creating campaigns from 2 words slogans is exceeding the budget. Every committee needs a premise, staff, vehicles and overheads. A few committees every year, some are influential and beneficial, but the majority is wasting money. Why should we keep committees and ministries at the same time? Why don’t we substitute one with the other and cut costs?  It feels like every committee/ ministry/ governmental body will turn into a militia or a mini state with its own laws and leaders.

Don’t let me start talking about Jordan TV it’s the worst channel in the Milky Way galaxy. I never watch it and that applies to 2/3rd of the population, it’s corrupted, over-staffed and worthless. A recent television production cost more than 300,000 JDs around $500000, and it was the worst series produced by any television in the world.


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