The Pool

She just swam forever.. countless laps across the circular tiled pool.
Sun turning to night
the moon turning to day
endless time on an infinite plan

She leaves the pool
ascend from the aqua into terra

As her body leaves the pool
all she can see around her
are heads… bloody dead heads
chopped like plastic dolls
an eternal smile on their faces
etched forever

a smile that lasts forever..

Gone Girl : A Review


Gone Girl. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy and Girl in love. Girl vanish… did the Boy cause the Girl to vanish?


Amy and Nick; two modern couple celebrating their fifth anniversary. Amy decides to play one lovely treasure hunt with her husband: not the usual treasure hunt they play every anniversary. Not the usual treasure hunt that brings back good memories; a bottle of wine, a candle lit dinner, but a treasure hunt that may make the husband the most loathed person in the area if not the country.


Amy and Nick; two different backgrounds. She; the daughter of affluent psychologists turned authors of Amazing Amy. Amazing Amy the alter ego of their own daughter who is righteous, and goody two shoes. Yet she is filled with hate. Deceit. Master Puppeteer.


Nick; the son of a family from North Carthage. A journalist. a byproduct of recession and the downfall of newspapers.


Both: master psychopaths. Charming and dangerous. Addicts to each others and parasites on each others. A complete yin and yang. Both are dark characters from the cesspool of humanity.


The novel is good. Amazing page turner and a thriller. Yet, the characterisation and development was retarded… No development in plot that makes it the IT book of 2013/ 2014.


A modern love story of twists, lies, deceit and attention. A tale of crocodile tears, back stabs. A tale of delusive narratives

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The Murder Room : A Review



One of the last books in the Adam Dalgliesh series. The Dupayne Museum in Hampstead Heath in London a fictional museum dedicated to the intra war years of London with a murder room that showcases several famous crimes of those years.

All the three trustees of the museum should agrees on a lease to make sure that the place stays in business. One of them is killed.

Commander AD is asked to investigate the murder.

This novel shows the class system in its best. The resentment between high class and the police force. The resentment of lower to middle class against the upper class.

Some chapters would have been omitted and the plot would still have been the same. The imagery and poetic use of language is impressive.


P.D. James presents London as a realistic modern city filled with the tube breakdown, and traffic congestion. Yet she imagines a narrow strip of London that is inhabited by the posh upper class. The ones who live in an ivory tower and do their own things.


Adam here is different than the character we first meet in her 1st book Cover her face; 11 books before. She made him less active, more intuitive and just happy asking questions. He is more sentimental; thinking of love, marriage and children.


This book starts slow, a murder takes place probably after 100 pages. It slowly builds up to it and the reader slowly reaches a climax and descent gradually into a conclusion.


The Murder Room would be a good introduction to anyone who is interested in the detective fiction of P.D. James.



Walking slowly on a winter morning


The hill, a morning breeze hitting my face

Bits and pieces of last night’s

a condom wrap in front of the pharmacy

a smashed beer bottle

a discarded shoe

one pair missing

a sad cinderella


a porcelain chamber

caught by the sun

caught my eyes

a porcelain throne..

without a king to

sit on

in a deserted parking lot





A pause on my end

ponder and think

the tales this toilet

could tell and flush

to us

the public

the people

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Go Ask Alice

a carnival of death
vibrant and serene
midnight gathering for a
dearly beloved (clown who passed away)


the rabbit (just ask alice)
said a distant echo
venture into the unknown

a country fair (no popcorn
no candy floss no hall of mirrors)
a midnight goodbye


around a pyre
a flaming airplane
launching you (you scary clown
from Bannerman Park)
into the universe


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